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What is SACNY?

The Subcontractors Association of Central New York, Inc. (SACNY) is an association of subcontractors, specialty contractors and material suppliers serving the construction industry in Central New York. SACNY is the only local association that represents subcontractors and material suppliers above all other considerations. SACNY works for the benefit of the supplier and subcontractor in areas as:

1. Business Network Interchange

  • information regarding payment practices, job supervision and other information.

  • firsthand information through an information service operated by SACNY

  • Business Network Interchange (BNI) is conducted at monthly membership meetings.

2. Lien Filing Service (liens must be more than $2,500)

  • private and public improvement liens filed free of charge, except for the actual filing fee and any local fees.

  • to file a lien, complete the Lien Information Sheet provided by the SACNY office and mail it back to Bryne, Costello and Pickard, or use the form in the Lien chapter.

  • beyond the filing of the lien, any further action taken will be at the member’s own expense

3. Lien Reporting

  • members receive a monthly list of all mechanics’ liens filed in Onondaga County for more than $5,000. Lien Bulletin includes the lienor, amount of the lien, date of the lien, the job lien and the General Contractor or owner

4. Newsletters

  • informative local newsletter sent monthly with state and local information

  • early and accurate information makes SACNY members among the best-informed contractors in the industry

5. Monthly Membership Meetings

  • meet other subcontractors, suppliers and bonding representatives on a regular basis

  • timely and informative speakers each month.

Check the Calendar for meeting dates.

6. Membership Directory

  • published annually

  • SACNY members listed free of charge

  • distributed to more than 250 construction-related firms, including area general contractors, architects and engineers

  • advertising space available to reach important industry prospects

7. Special Bulletins

  • issued periodically on topics of special interest and importance

8. Educational Seminars

  • education provided to the membership is a top-priority of SACNY

  • timely and interesting seminars on construction and business topics are offered

9. Liaison

  • SACNY provides the vehicle for interaction of subcontractors with other segments of the industry such as general contractors, architects, engineers and owners in a variety of ways

10. Social Functions

  • The Holiday Event, Clambake and Golf Outing provide members the opportunity to spend time together socially.

In conclusion, the primary purpose of SACNY is to provide education and the cohesion of its members to work for the protection and improvement of conditions for the subcontractor and supplier in the construction industry.


The SACNY Board of Directors meets monthly. SACNY Membership Meetings are held monthly, normally on the sec­ond Wednesday of each month, except in June, July, and August, when social events are held.

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